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The Wonder | 2022

WONDER_FIRST_LOOK_090921_CB-2 copy.jpeg

Feature Film

Graphic Designer: Victoria Alexandra Carney


Element Pictures

Dublin & Wicklow, Ireland

Production Designer: Grant Montgomery
Director: Sebastian Lelio

Holy cards, the wonder
Holy cards for the wonder
Holy cards for the wonder
Thaumatrope. the wonder
The wonder thaumatrope
The Wonder Thaumatrope
The Wonder Newspaper
The Wonder, Illustrated London News paper
The Illustratd London News. The Wonder
The Wonder, Lib's Notebook
The Wonder, Lib's Notebook
The Wonder. Lib's notebook
The Wonder, Family Photograph, Daguerreotype
Family photoshoot the wonder
The family photograph, the wonder, dagurreotype
Ryan's spirit grocer. the wonder
Ryans sign, the wonder, spirit grocer
Ryan's sign, the wonder
Stout Labels. The wonder
Travel tickets. the wonder
The Wonder, Daily telegraph
Dr's Medicine bottles, the wonder
Doctor's office. the Wonder
The bible the wonder
S.S Northumberland Poster. The Wonder
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