The Anderson Corporation Will Change Your Life

Short Film

Corgrigg Hill Films
Dublin, Ireland

Fingal County Council Funded

Written and Directed by Kealan Ryan

Producer: Mark T Ryan

Art Director: Victoria Alexandra Carney

If you could go back over your life and change just one thing, what would it be? Henry Martin has lived a pretty uneventful existence. He never lived up to his full potential, never got his dream job or held onto his dream girl but now he has a chance to fix all that. Henry has won a lottery where the prize is a trip back-in-time to change just one thing he did in his past. Travelling back is easy - trying to figure out what one moment to go back to in order to fix everything, that's a different story.



The Cork International Film Festival

Underground Cinema Film Festival

Chicago Irish Film Festival

Solas Nua Inc.

Capital Irish Film Festival

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